Water Candy
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Frequently Asked Questions
Q: What exactly is sea glass?
A: Sea glass is glass that has been tumbled smooth by the ocean over many years. It may have
been discarded as trash, household items swept to sea in a hurricane, or (as we like to think here
in the Caribbean) from a sunken pirate ship! Much of it started as bottles, but the glass can also be
for nearly any source- we've seen red glass with a clear waffle pattern (car tail lights used to be
made from glass) and we think many of the pastel colors come from old glass fishing floats. We
have seen some intact floats with markings that trace back to the 1700's!
Many pieces of sea glass are found on the beach at the shoreline (it's also called beach glass), but
many pieces are found deeper in the water before they wash up. Many of our favorite pieces are
brought up by divers.
Q: I know that certain colors are very rare...how can you provide these?
A: Certain colors ARE rare.  We do not artificially color our products or buy glass from other
sources. We collect much of it ourselves and receive a lot from other collectors. Most of it is found
on St Thomas, though when we vacation to other islands we collect there, too! Barbara's husband,
a diver extraordinaire, finds many large pieces and broken antique bottles. Some pieces may be
softened, especially if they are part of a mixed-glass project.  
Q: I have some sea glass that I found. Can you make me something special with it?
A: Yes! We love working with your special pieces! We can do jewelry, wind chimes, or anything
else you may have in mind!
A: We ship exclusively with the United States Postal service, usually Priority Mail. Smaller pieces
may go First Class, larger orders may go Parcel Post.

Q: During checkout, I get a message that my shipping address isn't valid, why not?
A: We'll ship just about anywhere! If you get any errors while trying to place your order, select
the "Phone Payment" option. This will process your order, and we can take payment and shipping
info over the phone, just call 340-643-5579.

Q: Where is the Water Candy studio/shop located?
A: We are currently relocating from our Tillett Garden location! We are taking the summer to
relax, and any updates to location will be posted here and on our Facebook page.
Q:  How do you ship?
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Q: What is the difference between sea glass and recycled glass?
A: Sea glass is glass that is found on the beach and has been worn smooth by the ocean. When we
make our recycled glass projects, we start with bottle glass that has either been brought in to the
studio or saved by various bars. We do not have recycling here on the island, so there is a lot of
material to work with! We then cut, smash, melt, or fuse this glass into one of a kind jewelry and